Throwback Thursday

I wasn’t always confident in my own skin. I started off this journey overweight (for me), unhealthy and needing a huge lifestyle change. I started my first blog in 2014 and my life has changed so much since I wrote that first post.

My way of training and goals are completely different to the person I was then and that’s okay. You have to always do what makes you happy and what makes your heart sing. I didn’t write many posts but this was the start of something amazing and I was first hesitant about posting it but I’m proud at how far I have come.

I’m stronger than I have ever been inside and out and the future is bright because I say it is.

My goals used to be about losing weight and having six pack abs. Now all I want is to win gold medals and break my own lifting records or “PBs” as everyone would say. I no longer eat low calories to lose weight but eat enough calories and macronutrients to perform at my best.

Here is the link to my first blog:

Don’t ever be ashamed of who you are, OWN IT and clap for your own damn self!

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