My Top 5 Mood Boosters

Sometimes I have those days where I feel demotivated, sluggish and uninspired to do anything but lay in bed and have a 24 hour nap. Even though it’s fine to do and I am a natural bed bug it’s not really productive to moving forward and achieving my goals.

So I always have what I call my ‘Go-to mood boosters’ whenever I do any of these rituals then I instantly feel uplifted and happy! It’s always good to know what works for you and what inspires you.

So in no particular order…

1.Grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and writing down my goals or creating a  dream board

This always gets me into a better mental state of mind as I am creating my ideal day/week/year/life and what I need to do to get there. Once this is done then I just figure out what the first step is that I need to take in order to get there.

Dream boards are amazing things! Pinterest works but it’s also fun looking in magazines/printing out pictures and sticking them all together for you to see visually what your goals are. I am a creative person so this is always fun for me and is super motivating.

Having the cup of tea/coffee in hand is just the candles on the cake as it fuels me through this creativity sesh and makes me feel warm inside or wakes me up!

Here’s an example of a mood board I created last week which included all my thoughts and idea’s for the future:


2. Listening to my favorite music

This is the best! Whether it’s in my car on the way to work singing my heart out to my steering wheel, a playlist at the gym while i’m training (with a few jiggles in between), a youtube playlist at home while i’m doing chores or getting ready for the day – there’s always time for a dance with my sausage dog Frank or just putting in my earphones and chilling out. It always puts a smile on my face and gives energy to my soul!

Here’s my feel good playlist at the mo:

  • Alesso – Remedy
  • Silk City and Dua Lipa – Electricity
  • The Killers _ Mr. Brightside
  • Marshmello ft. Bastille – Happier
  • Vance Joy – Riptide
  • Of monsters and men – Little Talks
  • Edward Sharpe & The magnetic Zero’s – Home
  • Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
  • M0 and Diplo – Sun in our eyes
  • Miguel Ft. Travis Scott- Sky walker (Niko The Kid Remix)
  • Macklemore Feat. Skylar Grey – Glorius
  • Rudimental & Major Lazer – Let me Live

Click here for a good time


3. Getting some sunshine

That can be laying in the sun, having a drink outside, taking my dog for a walk or working in the garden. Just being outside does wonders! Going to the beach is one of them but at the moment that can only be done when I visit the Cape!

I absolutely love gardening. Last year I had a vegetable garden where I had tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, gooseberries, green beans and beetroot that I grew all myself. This year I have decided on flowers. Like I have mentioned before there is nothing I find more rewarding than growing something yourself whether it be tomatoes or pretty colorful flowers.

My home grown beauties!

I love the sun. I love hot weather. I love nature.

4. Hanging out with some four legged friends

Who doesn’t love a hug and a snuggle from an animal? Most of the time I get my daily dose from my beautiful ginger cat Harley or my silly sausage dog Frank. They are a gift in my life and have brought me so much joy. Whenever I’m feeling down they always know when to comfort me and they gladly accept the struggle cuddles I consistently give them.

I love being around all animals. This past weekend I was on a farm which had sheep, geese, horses and a donkey with an identity crises. It was heaven.

Check this guy living his life being whoever he wants to be

5. Being active

This does not always mean training at the gym but can be going for walks or trying new activities.

I love weightlifting and it always leaves me feeling strong and powerful. I also love those workouts that go on for 20 minutes which leave me on the floor gasping for air with achy muscles. Whatever it is that gets my heart rate up is sure to leave me feeling happier and glowing for the rest of the day!


So there you have it. My top 5! And then always a reminder for the day:



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