Best Ice-cream spots in the mother city – If you don’t know, now you know.

Ice-cream is one of those few gifts on earth that is nothing but magic from start to finish. Icey, creamy, sweet and smooth (unless it’s from the creamery and has chunks of birthday cake or cookie dough in it)

Ice-cream has always been an intense love affair in my life. From frozen birthday cakes, messy soft serves by the sea side, homemade goodness in my machine and the guilty late night adventures to either the corner garage for an almond magnum or Mc Donald’s for an oreo Mc flurry (with extra caramel – duh!)

Cape Town has tons of this sugary, cold treasure but I have narrowed it down to my absolute favorite three. It was difficult and debatable but I stand by my decision!

Without further ado…

1. The Creamery (holy grail of Ice-cream spots)

Homemade, original, tasty and as the name states creamy. As creamy as they get. It’s all homemade and fresh as possible using locally sourced, quality ingredients.

They always have a variety of flavors like their staples which are:

  • 65% Chocolate
  • Sea salt caramel
  • Peanut butter
  • Rosetta Coffee
  • Sweet cream

Then you get their specialty seasonal flavors like birthday cake, popcorn, cheesecake and my personal favorite chocolate malt. Yup, you heard right. It’s literally like eating woolies chuckles blended up in a frozen, delicious miracle. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, it’s addictive!

If I’ve sparked up an insane Creamery craving in you then here are their stores you can pop by and either grab a take away or treat yourself to anything from a scoop in a cone, insanely good fresh to order waffles and the classic banana split.

Strawberry Birthday Cake, Malt and Roasted Mallow on a crispy waffle (otherwise known as yummy AF)

Creamery missions are best done with a few of your good friends who enjoy the stuff just as much as you do.

My Ice-cream Squad

2. Honest Chocolate

So this cute little gem is mainly known for their delicious artisan chocolate made locally. I know them for their ice-cream filled bunny chow.


The banana bread is hollowed out and filled to the brim with mouth watering home made ice-cream and topped off with melted dark chocolate ganache. This is definitely a dessert that you have to add to your bucket list.


Here is their website and details if you would like to give them a go and maybe grab an indulgent choccie milkshake while you are at it!


3. Majestic Cafe

If you have lived in Muizenberg for most of your life or hang out there often then you must know this place! It is iconic and been around since the beginning (1937 to be exact)

It’s best known for the swirly, half chocolate half vanilla goodness that you can take in a cup or cone and enjoy on the colorful vibey Muizenberg beach front!


Just make sure you bring along cash only as they don’t accept cards or snap scan. (keeping it old school or trying to avoid the tax man, who knows!)

Just do it this summer if you haven’t already.

So that’s my top 3. You snooze, you loose – your choice. You know where to find me all through December holidays!





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