Stick with your guns

There have been many times in my life and I’m sure in everyone else’s that you make a choice based on another persons opinion or judgments. It’s good to listen to what other’s have to say but that’s all – listen not act on it. I have learnt that basing life decisions around what other people say or do can turn into one unhappy mess.

I believe that I was given this life to make mistakes, learn, discover who I am and what my place is – most importantly to trust that I can do it on my own terms. It’s natural to ask for advice and help along the way because it’s good to see other point of views. When those point of views start to shape you into something you aren’t then it can be a problem. Most of the times when I have been truly hurt or lost was when I made a choice based on someone else’s words/truth and not my own.

I have made plenty of bad decisions but they were MY bad decisions and they have built me into a better person. I have also made a couple of terrible decisions that weren’t my own and those were the ones that left me with regret instead of insight.

It’s good to trust your gut and just go with what you truly believe, also to know that you are never a bad person for respecting your own morals and standing up for them. I have been doing it for a while now and I am more confident in myself and who I am because of it. There are so many judgments and opinions out there on what should be done, who you should be, what you should conform to it’s pretty impossible to stay on track with your own unique beliefs.

It feels pretty awesome once you just block out the world and do whatever you want – what your heart (and head…) says.

Here are some pretty rad points to consider in every day life when it comes to ‘sticking with your guns’ and also respecting those around you who are going with their flow. I try to follow them with the best of my ability:

  • Stop giving people your opinion unless they ask for it. I have learnt that I myself and noticed that those around me will really respect you for this one. It’s not a nice feeling when you have an idea or you act in a certain way and someone completely busts your whole vibe about it. Keep the opinions to yourself until someone asks – if they ever ask!
  • Understand that everyone is different and that’s what is pretty great about this world. How boring would it be if all humans were exact replica’s. Trust your choices and respect others even if they are wild and unsettling to what your beliefs are.
  • What I choose to do in my life and how I choose to act is none of anyone else’s business. Just me, myself and I.
  • If other’s don’t understand the choices I make that is just fine. As long as I know it was the right decision and I am happy with it.
  • Just because someone else has done this/that doesn’t mean I have to. I am my own person and what’s right for my neighbor/friend/foe might not be best suited to me.
  • Always be kind. To others and myself. I believe I can always do the right thing and be good but it may not gaurentee other’s will be good back – just gotta remember to stay gracious and move on.
  • BE WHOEVER AND WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE! Life’s too damn short to not live your truth or to not follow your dreams (no matter how out of the box they may be) Just embrace the magic inside of you and watch the world adjust.

That’s my two cents worth today and forever. I believe that there’s always a little voice inside that can guide you anywhere you need to go, through any experience or troubled tasks. That’s what you have to listen to because when everything or everyone falls away that’s what you are left with.

My dad has always said something pretty random along the lines of “I am who I am I eat bread and jam” but it has always resonated with me and I love it! Be you, boo.



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