My top 5 moments from Christmas this year

“Christmas waves a magical wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” – Norman Vincent Peale

In no particular order:

1.Decorating the christmas table

This is always a favourite of mine. My family loves to plan and make a different theme for the table every year and the best part is putting it all together and seeing the magical, festive outcome.

This year the table theme was ‘Festive African Safari’.

This is what we put together:

  • From the flower market we got tulips, chrysanthemums, tropical leaves and some pine needles for the floral part of things.
  • African safari animal toys that my mother spray painted white
  • White linen table cloths
  • Voltive candles from MR Price
  • Mini battery sparkly lights from typo for the centre

2018-12-29 055607945694682697556..jpg

2.Making my favourite salad with home grown veg

I love caprese salad because it contains mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. What more could you want? I made the salad into a christmas wreath which I saw all over Pinterest. I picked the tomatoes from the humungous vine in my parents garden and the basil leaves from a pot plant as well. I chopped the tomatoes but kept the tiny ones whole and then cut the mozzarella in slices before placing everything together in a circle.

It was a hit and even tastier the next day for left overs!

3.Family chats around the cheese board

For any of our family gatherings there is always cheese, pates and cold meats. We are definitely a bunch of snackers – like it’s in our genes. The platters go down well with some wine and good banter. It makes my heart smile to see everyone chatting around the table and having nostalgic conversations. Christmas time is the best time of the year purely because of family time and the love surrounding it.

(I actually had huge regrets this Christmas because I snacked a little to hard and was quite full when the dinner came around!)

4.Secret santa whilst listening to christmas music

Secret Santa is pretty simple. You buy for a girl if you’re a girl and vice versa – so it takes big pressure off buying for so many people (especially for a huge family like mine)

It’s great seeing everyones surprise gifts (sometimes random AF) whilst listening to Mariah Carey in the back round. I got a cute Lush! cosmetics set that included a ‘sleepy’ cream and body wash. It smelt like heaven and really did help me sleep like a baby – even though I didn’t need it after all the food I consumed!

5.Gammon and roasties cooked in the pizza oven

Traditionally we always roast everything in the oven but in the passed year my parents installed a pizza oven in April which helped my talented brother Warrick produce the tastiest gammon and crispiest roast potatoes I have ever eaten. It was so yummy and will hopefully become the new set tradition.

Some Burrow banter by the pizza oven!


The Gammon Magician

Well that’s it – my top 5. There were plenty of other special moments but I kept this post short because I’m too busy savouring the family moments to sit behind a key board for too long.

I’m so sad that Christmas has gone and happened once again but it was definitely one for the books. Time to start my count down again!

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