Bali: Seminyak

I recently got back from one of the most incredible trips of my life! Which was my honeymoon to Bali, Indonesia. I’ve wanted to travel to Bali for so many years and it was an absolute dream to finally be there and experience it all. There were many beautiful memories made and places explored! (2 weeks was NOT enough time spent here)

We decided to plan our trip to Bali because it is abundant in culture, nature, beautiful surrounds, warm weather, delicious food and so many fun things to do!

We booked our flights through Singapore Airlines as they were the best value for money and voted one of the best airlines. Once our flights were booked I started doing all the researching to find the best accommodation within our budget as well as all the adventures we could go on!

Bali was definitely everything you see in the pictures and more. It has such beautiful landscapes and the nature is so peaceful. The sunsets are the best I have ever seen and the weather is just perfect – if you like living in warm, humid, tropical paradise like me! The locals in Bali are also so friendly and kind compared to other countries I have traveled to. They really do welcome the tourists and embrace it. The spirituality in Bali is also deeply strong and powerful.Where ever you are you will be surrounded by temples, statues, prayer rituals and symbolic decor. It feels so surreal to be a part of.

Before I ramble on for pages about how much and what I loved in every little detail let me just summarize the best bits. Three different area’s of Bali – all so different.

Quick little facts before you move on:

  • Bali’s currency is Rupiah and is mostly in thousands. But it works out pretty well with the Rand because 100 000 Rupiah = 100 Rand so when it says 100k on the menu it’s usually around R100
  • The Balinese locals love a bargain so never take the first price try see what the best price is for everything!
  • As I explained it is super spiritual. The predominant religion in their culture is Balinese Hinduism called Agama Hindu Dharma. Where ever you walk or go there will be little offerings on the street so be careful and take care and respect your surroundings. What those offerings mean: (source from Wikipedia)

Canang sari is one of the daily offerings made by Balinese Hindus to thank the Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in praise and prayer. Canang sari will be seen in the Balinese temples (pura), on small shrines in houses, and on the ground or as a part of a larger offering.balinese-offering-baskets-mark-sellers

Here’s part one.


Why we chose Seminyak first? What I had discovered is that Seminyak was the super touristy part of Bali filled with resorts, foodie spots, beach clubs and a bit of a party. So it sounded like a good idea for the first spot as we could celebrate our marriage and relax at a few beach clubs to take it all in.. and to eat all the food, drink all the Bintang – Duh!

Where we stayed?

Pelangi Bali Hotel & Spa We chose this spot as we managed to get a deal on within our budget and it was also on the beach, has amazing reviews and was 2 seconds away from the vibey Seminyak center. It was such a lovely spacious room, there was an amazing pool with swim up bar and the buffet breakfast was bomb (always important!).


How to get around?  

All though in our first 3 nights in Bali I was terrified of hiring a scooter – I will grudgingly admit my husband was right when he said we need one. HIRE A SCOOTER, save your feet. Walking around in flip flops for 3 days in that humid weather was difficult and we didn’t get to do as much. One thing which was a strange experience – hiring a scooter taxi where me and Mike sat on the back (yes – three people on one scooter in the bustle of Seminyak streets but we survived and it’s actually a normal occurrence there)

The best places for a good time?

La Plancha on Seminyak beach. Basically a whole bunch of colorful beach loungers, sipping cocktails, eating good food, watching the bright pink sunset while listening to the live bands (and hilarious singing attempts from drunk tourists!) – We actually found this place by accident on our first day as we were strolling through the streets, got lost, had a few arguments and then walked onto the beach just as the sun was setting. It was magical and perfect timing – thank you universe!

Potato Head Beach Club. I saw this places all over Instagram and Pinterest so we had to go check out the hype. It was so much fun! We got a day bed by the pool and we basically just sat there all day listening to the really great tunes, quenching our thirst, eating the addictive potato skins, people watching and chatting under the sunny sky.

The sunset over the ocean while sitting in their affinity pool was an unforgettable moment for sure.

Mrs.Sippy. I’ve been following their page for a while and it was top on my list of things we had to do. This place is best known for the crystal clear pool, diving board and vibey DJ. It was exactly how I had imagined. We got a spot right by the pool and it was a super relaxing day in and out of the pool, watching the back flips off the diving board (Mike even attempting one but unfortunately winding himself in the process – I did warn him and proceeded to kill myself laughing when it happened) The sunset here was also mind blowing as it reflected over the pool and made it super magical.

*TIP: If you happen to be in Seminyak on a Thursday this is the best day to go here as they have 2 for 1 specials and the pizza’s (so good) are half price. I don’t know about you but that’s the way to pull on my heart strings.

2019-03-14 075674792172589309189..jpg


Best spots we ate at?

Just a quick little FYI. I’m not a fan of Asian/Indonesian style food so it did take me a while to try new things and in the beginning of our trip we mostly ate at the Western food spots. Here they are:

MAD POPS – The best coconut based vegan ice-cream. I had mint choc chip and Mike had dark chocolate. It was so delicious and the perfect way to escape from the heat for a few seconds. Definitely snap a pic in front of the hot pink neon sign – I did!

BOSSMAN BURGER – One of the best burgers we have ever consumed. Just a simple straight forward cheese burger cooked perfectly, super tasty and coupled with some truffle fries – deadly.

*There were lots of other small spots but I can’t remember their names. Will update this post when I do.

Other fun stuff to spend time on:

  • Long walks on Seminyak beach (I recommend tons of sunblock and a husband to rub it on your shoulders to avoid a bad sunburn)
  • A cheap but amazing massage (around 50 bucks will get you a 30 minute foot massage or back + shoulders)
  • Fish spa (Just do it once for the bucket list!)


Seminyak is definitely the place to be for cute trendy cafes, beach clubs to die for, 2 for 1 cocktails, sunsets on the beach, if you’re an Australian and just a general great time. I fell in love with Seminyak a little more each day and I can’t wait to go back for just a little longer as I do believe it just has way to much to do/see for just 3 nights.

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