Bali: Ubud

Oh, Ubud. This place was an absolute dream and so relaxing (even though we were so damn busy the whole time trying to see everything)

We visited Ubud as part two of our trip. We planned for 5 nights and although I could have stayed longer it was a good amount of time for rookie Bali tourists. Ubud is the most spiritual out of any area we visited and was filled to the brim with culture. Eat, pray, love vibes ya know? The views were stunning at every angle whether that was from the infinity pool staring into the hustle & bustle of the jungle or rice terraces, mountains and villages from the scooter ride whilst driving through the country side.

There’s a lot to get through when talking about our stay in this spot so let me get started!

How to get there from Seminyak?

Don’t ask your hotel for a taxi – always waaaay over priced. I searched for a taxi service on Instagram and whatsapped a guy who ran a family business. His uncle fetched us and we saved R200 as well as bargaining a free tour at a local coffee farm.

Here’s his number +6285829742636

Here’s some pics from the coffee farm

We tasted a whole bunch of the tastiest tea’s (my favorite was lemongrass) and all the different coffees. They also gave us some sweet potato cooked in coconut flour and sugar. – we were hesitant as it looked strange but it was soo good.

Where we stayed in Ubud?

Bucu view Resort  (2 nights) This place was so peaceful, easy to get to and had great views of the forest. They were also friendly and made our room all cute for our honeymoon. Mike organised for us to have breakfast in the pool one morning and it was super romantic, dreamy and cute!

I would breakfast like this every day if I could

Pertiwi Bisma 1 (3 nights) BEST ACCOMMODATION WE STAYED IN! This hotel was mind blowing. You first have to drive down some crooked little street and then you get to the pretty lobby where they escort you down tons and tons of never ending stairs (these porters carried our bags on their shoulders the whole way and they were half my size) Then you get to the suites which are basically in the forest right next to the amazing infinity pool built IN the jungle itself. I was gobsmacked. No words.

Do yourself a favor and book yourself in here if you ever stay in Ubud.

Oh – did I mention they have TWO pools to choose from.

How to get around Ubud?

Hire a scooter for sure! This way you can easily get to all the waterfalls, landmarks and cultural sites at a budget and get to see all the surroundings. We paid 60k a day.

Scrrrt – Scrrrrt


Monkey Forest

This was a MUST on our list as we love animals. It was so much fun watching these crazy, naughty creatures jump on tourists, steal their shoes and love each other. 80k gets you in and it’s so worth it.

Traditional play and dance in a temple

They host these almost every night in Ubud. We had no idea what to expect as we just stumbled apon it but it was mesmerizing to watch the locals sing and perform. The fire dance was absolutely cray and we should have definitely signed a waiver or something?

Ubud Traditional Art Market

 Best time to go is in the morning when they are willing to bargain and give the best deals! I bought about 5 bags to take home (not ashamed) and we also got to sip on some Luwak coffee with the little bugga himself!

Chase Those Waterfalls 

We went to two different waterfalls. The first one was one in a temple which was super spiritual so you weren’t allowed to swim. Then we visited Tegunungan waterfall and it was stunning! So big and powerful and a must visit. We didn’t get to go to the other more secluded waterfalls because of time but we plan to next time for sure.

Swing Through The Jungle

 This has been a bucket list item of mine ever since I saw videos/pictures of it. We went to the Bali Swing (save yourself some cash and DON’T go to the original Bali swing – go to the smaller ones) There were tons of swings to go on and even a bungee style one which was such an adrenaline rush!

Ubud Water Palace

It was magical in the palace with the flowering lotus ponds and the orange temple as a backdrop. It was lovely to just walk around and take it all in.



Ubud has so many amazing spots to grab a bite to eat from local to western restaurants/cafes.  It’s also VERY cheap compared to everywhere else in Bali we visited.

Best places:

  1. Warung Biah Biah (our friends took us here and we were blown away especially by their deep fried wontons)
  2. Umah Pizza (for really delish pizza and cheap beer)
  3. White Orchid (mouthwatering sticky pork Bao buns and crispy duck)
  4. Why not! (Crispy sweet potato skins, cheap beer and REALLY great bands)
  5. Che Che’s Luwak Cafe (strong coffee or a late night beer with some luwak friends)


things we sadly didn’t do but WISH we did if we had more time:

  • Tegalalung rice terraces
  • Campuhan ridge walk
  • Catch the sunrise at Mt Batur
  • Bathe in the holy water temple



I need to go back and adopt a luwak, explore what we missed and buy a villa in the forest where I will retire as a yogi-adventurer-bintangdrinking-frizzyhaired girl.

Ubud is an unforgettable journey from beginning to end.

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